The purpose of this document is to formalize the governance process used by the Feature-engine project and clarify how decisions are made and how the community works together. This is the first version of our governance policy and will be updated as our community grows and more of us take on different roles.

Roles and Responsibilities#


Contributors are community members who contribute in various ways to the project. Anyone can become a contributor, and contributions can be of various forms, not just code. To see how you can help check the **Contribute page**.

Core Contributors#

Core Contributors are community members who are dedicated to the continued development of the project through ongoing engagement with the community. Core Contributors are expected to review code contributions, can approve and merge pull requests, can decide on the fate of pull requests, and can be involved in deciding major changes to the Feature-engine API. Core Contributors determine who can join as a Core Contributor.

Founder and Leadership#

Feature-engine was founded by Soledad Galli who at the time was solely responsible for the initial prototypes, documentation, and dissemination of the project. In the tradition of Python, Sole is referred to as the “benevolent dictator for life” (BDFL) of the project, or simply, “the founder”. From a governance perspective, the BDFL has a special role in that they provide vision, thought leadership, and high-level direction for the project’s members and contributors. The BDFL has the authority to make all final decisions for the Feature-engine Project. However, in practice, the BDFL, chooses to defer that authority to the consensus of the community discussion channels and the Core Contributors. The BDFL can also propose and vote for new Core Contributors.

Join the community#

Feature-engine is currently looking to expand the team of Core Contributors, if you are interested, please get in touch.

If you want to Contribute to the project in any other way, get in touch using our Github issues page or through Gitter:

  1. Github issues.

  2. Gitter community.